European Bike Week 2022

04. - 11.09.2022

Price 2002/night  
€ 19,50 per person per night, including motorcycles, small tent, water and taxes
€ 3,50 per night for electricity (16 A)
€ 10 per night for cars or bigger tents
€ 18 per night for campers, vans, bigger trailers
€ 28 for RV's inlcuding towing vehicle 


Minimum booking: 4 nights

Breakfast from 7.00 - 11.30 a.m.
Cuisine and snacks throughout 23.00 p.m

 Please note our new reservation and cancellation terms.




  • Only by e-mail (
  • Minimum booking: 4 nights
  • Deposit = nights x person fee (€ 19,50) residual is to pay when you come
  • No refund of the deposit for cancellation after 28.08.
  • Reservations are binding only on reservation confirmation and are payable in advance on the account at the VOLKSBANK KÄRNTEN EG (IBAN: AT6842 13090 10101 8761, BIC: VBOEATWWKLA, Kontoinhaber: Dr. Harald Skrube)
  • After receipt of the amount you will receive a confirmation e-mail 
  • During the European Bike Week we do not check-in children.
  • To guarantee a quick check-in and a quick service in our restaurant, we only accept cash, no credit cards in this time
  • We offer a variety of biker breakfast from 07:30 clock in our restaurant (coffee as much as you like)