European Bike Week 2021

05. - 12.09.2021

Important information!

We are sorry but we have to let you know, that the European Bike Week is cancelled.

All though, many bikers assured to come either ways. 

Our tourism planers are already working on an alternative program.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! There are rock bands playing on our terrace.


€ 19,50 per person per night, including motorcycles, tent, water and taxes
€ 3,20 per night for electricity (16 A)
€ 6 per night for cars or bigger tents
€ 9 per night for trailers
€ 16 for campers and van´s, € 16 for RV's (+ towing vehicle car 6 € , + towing vehicle van 10 €)


Minimum booking: 4 nights

Breakfast from 7.00 - 11.30 a.m.
Cuisine and snacks throughout 23.00 p.m

 Please note our new reservation and cancellation terms.




  • Only by e-mail (
  • Minimum booking: 4 nights
  • Deposit = nights x person fee (€ 19,50) residual is to pay when you come
  • No refund of the deposit for cancellation after 28.08.
  • Reservations are binding only on reservation confirmation and are payable in advance on the account at the VOLKSBANK KÄRNTEN EG (IBAN: AT6842 13090 10101 8761, BIC: VBOEATWWKLA, Kontoinhaber: Dr. Harald Skrube)
  • After receipt of the amount you will receive a confirmation e-mail 
  • During the European Bike Week we do not check-in children.
  • To guarantee a quick check-in and a quick service in our restaurant, we only accept cash, no credit cards in this time
  • We offer a variety of biker breakfast from 07:30 clock in our restaurant (coffee as much as you like)